Welome to JMB Feeders


  • JMB is located in the panhandle of Nebraska, just 3 miles north of I­nterstate 80 for convenient access.
  • The JMB team focuses on customer satisfaction and old fashioned reliability. While always looking for advantages in maximizing our customer’s bottom line.
  • Surrounded by locally grown forages and gains, allows our team to maximize feed efficiency and low cost of gains.
  • Pen size ranges from 50 head to 500 head to accommodate retained ownership customers and investment feeders.

    • JMB was formed in 2004.
    • Services include cattle procurement, partnership opportunities, backgrounding your calves and close proximity to four top packers.
    • If you are interested in feeding cattle, feel free to stop in or call. Our team welcomes the opportunity to show you the feedyard and discuss any questions you may have.

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